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We are interested in building relationships and generating links so that you can open doors to new opportunities, with guaranteed quality in all processes. We are committed to ensuring that you always receive a fresh, freshly roasted product with a fair price-quality ratio. Write to us and let's have a coffee to tell you how we can support your business.

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Optimise coffee in your business

Whether you have a coffee shop, restaurant, or vending machines; whether you want to distribute or are interested in developing a brand of origin coffee, the selection of your supplier is decisive.

In order to be successful in the coffee market it is necessary not only to have the right product for your segment and your budget.

You must also consider that it is a differential coffee, that it always maintains the same quality and freshness in its deliveries, and that it arrives in the time you need it, in the quantities and with the required specifications.

institutional sales

At Soca we want to help you develop a profitable coffee strategy, with dedicated support and accompaniment in the process of buying and marketing an exceptional product: speciality coffee from Huila.

What our customers say

Soca has helped us to have an excellent final product, which meets the expectations of our customers. I would like to highlight their seriousness, attention and delivery performance.


Thanks to the quality of your coffee and its freshness, we have resulted in customer loyalty. We have also been able to reduce maintenance costs on damaged parts, thanks to the purity of your product.

Juan David
Wind Coffee

By working with Soca, we can not worry about the quality of the product, as they are excellent, and focus on sales. Their effort to serve us well makes us feel at home.

Cappuccino al Paso

Soca has been instrumental in the development of our own brand. Stability in quality is their main attribute. They are always ready to help companies in their process of entrepreneurship and growth.

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